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Grievance Process

To maintain the integrity of the Michigan Rescue Certification Program, a grievance process is in place. This process helps to ensure that certified rescue organizations are reputable, operate with consistent, high quality standards, employ best practices and perform in an ethical manner.

This certification program is self-regulating, meaning that grievances may be filed against certified rescues by anyone including adopters, shelters, other rescue groups, partner organizations, etc. A grievance may only be submitted against a rescue that is currently certified. Anonymous grievances are not permitted, however, submitter names are not provided to the rescue and grievances are not made public. Complainant information is provided to the rescue involved in the incident as part of the review and mediation process.

Grievances may be submitted online or by email to

Most grievances result in process improvement recommendations. More serious outcomes or a failure to comply could result in being removed from the program.  

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